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Torchwood: Miracle Day - The New World - Official Ratings

BARB have published the consolidated viewing figures for the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Episode 1, The New World, was seen by 6.59 million viewers on BBC One in the UK, nearly 2 million more than the initial overnight figure of 4.8 million.

The rating is almost identical to the 6.60 million who watched episode 1 of Torchwood: Children of Earth in 2009.

Unlike the 'overnight' data, the official figures take into account viewers who record the episode and watch it within 7 days of transmission.

The consolidated figures do not, however, take into account viewers who watched the episode online via the BBC iPlayer.

The ITV1 drama series Single-Handed, which was scheduled against Torchwood, drew an audience of 3.79 million viewers.

Episode 1 achieved an Appreciation Index of 85. An Appreciation Index is found by surveying a panel of around 5000 viewers to see what they thought of a particular programme. Is is a score out of 100, with the average BBC TV programme getting 80. A score of 85 or above is considered as "excellent".

Over in America, the world premier of Torchwood: Miracle Day gave Starz some of its highest ratings ever with 2.7 million viewers, including the additional weekday airings and the Live+3 DVR data.

In Canada, The New World averaged at 432,000 viewers, with 929,000 watching some part episode, breaking the ratings record on SPACE.

(Source: The Doctor Who News Page)


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