Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captain Jack's new look unveiled

TV Squad have unveiled Captain Jack's new look for Torchwood: Miracle Day. John Barrowman's amended costume was designed Shawna Trpcic and sees the return of the iconic military coat.

"The coat from England was actually made out of a cotton, rather than a wool. And it also fit him quite broadly off the shoulder, and I just wanted to modernize it, give it a more modern fit, but leave the drape and keep it cape-like," Trpcic said in an interview on the show's set in February.

"I brought in the shoulders about two inches, so they'd be actually on his shoulders, and I brought in the waist almost 24 inches. He's lost weight, but the other coat was quite billowy and I'm sure that was to cover layers of warmth, because it was a lot colder in Wales. I got a cashmere-blend wool, and it's a very, very fine [material], so he would be OK in the heat and the L.A. sunshine."

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Anonymous May 25, 2011 at 9:10 PM  

Interesting coincidence that the leads of both Doctor Who and Torchwood are getting new clothes for weather-related reasons. I hope this one isn't as controversial as poor old Doctor and his Scottish tweed!

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