Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doctor Who - Junk TARDIS Console Playset

Character Options have produced a TARDIS play set based on the 'junk' console featured in "The Doctor's Wife". The set, designed by a Blue Peter competition winner, will be released next month.

Highly detailed 5" scale Junk TARDIS based on the design by Susannah Leah, winner of the Blue Peter ‘Design a TARDIS Console’ competition.

Features include flight restraint safety straps; removable console panel and time rotator. Use the spinner on the base to fly the TARDIS, get strapped in first though - it could be a rough ride! Action figure not included. Assembly required.

The item will be available from 19th June, 2011 at the RRP of RRP £24.99.

(Source: Forbidden Planet)


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