Friday, January 21, 2011

Doctor Who Action Figure Set - The Sontaran Experiment

Forbidden Planet are listing the release of a new classic Doctor Who action figure set. The set consists of The Doctor (Tom Baker), Styre the Sontaran along with his ship.

The Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan arrive on a desolate and apparently deserted Earth to discover that a group of shipwrecked astronauts from a human colony, GalSec, have been lured there by a fake distress call!

In this great gift set we present the Classic Sontaran: Field-Major Styre and his iconic Sontaran space ship along with the Fourth Doctor in duffle coat and hat.

Contains the Fourth Doctor in duffle coat and hat action figure with Sonic Screwdriver.Sontaran Field-Major Styre action figure with helmet and gun and Sontaran Ship.

Stock is expected at Forbidden Planet's warehouse on 20th Feburay 2011. Is available to pre-order now at the price of £34.99.


The Doctor...

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