Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Arthur Darvill Gay Times cover

Arthur Darvill is the cover star on the October issue of Gay Times. The actor has also taken part in an exclusive photoshoot and interview for the magazine.

“I think the worst thing to do would be to outstay your welcome on a thing like this. We were both very keen to do a really good chunk of time on it and get the best out of it that we could. But I think as soon as it becomes normal or boring, for us and for the audience, I don’t think that could be a positive thing.
“We’re pushing it to a peak and then we’ll leave it there, rather than hanging around for ages and making the same choices. The programme’s so much about change, the whole concept is about change and regeneration and new things happening. Every week’s a new thing.

“It feels right, but very sad.”

The October issue of Gay Times is on sale now. Issue 411 can also be purchased online or downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

(Source: Gay Times)


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