Wednesday, July 4, 2012

David Tennant and Arthur Darvill to appear in Chris Chibnall's ITV1 drama

David Tennant and Arthur Darvill will appear together in a new ITV1 drama written by former Torchwood showrunner and Doctor Who writer Chris Chibnall.

Tennant will play a Detective Inspector, while Darvill takes on the role of a Priest in the eight-part series which is titled Broadchurch and looks at the lives of people living in a small town after the body of a young boy is found on a beach.

Chibnall says: "Broadchurch focuses on a small British community which finds itself at the eye of a storm. In the wake of one boy's death, the residents of Broadchurch come under scrutiny and suspicion.

"It's a story of scale and intimacy, as the lives of the characters are laid bare."

Production will begin later this year on location in Portishead near Bristol and Dorset.

(Source: Press Association)


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