Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 276

The 276th issue of the weekly Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale until Wednesday,11th July 2012.

Mayhem! Madness! It can only be Monster Sports Day - in this week's Doctor Who Adventures!

Yes, Sontarans, Silence and a whole host of horrible monsters are competing for the trophy. With the Daleks as referees, what can possibly go wrong?*

Plus, we find out about the Doctor's disasters (he might be cool but he's also a bit clumsy). The Vampires of Venice are the stars of our creature feature. The Minotaur texts the Doctor and we learn all about the sonic screwdriver.

Poor Rory gets a robot makeover in our comic strip, and we also meet the Cybermen who never were as we explore the Doctor Who design team's amazing artwork and models!

All this plus posters, puzzles, AAAGH! battling a Rutan and the latest news on the new series. There's even five free gifts!

 (Source: Doctor Who Adventures)


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