Sunday, April 1, 2012

Doctor Who-themed Big Brother to celebrate 50th anniversary - APRIL FOOLS!

The BBC, Channel 5 and Endemol UK have announced that a deal has been struck to produce a Doctor Who-themed Big Brother in 2013.

The programme is being produced to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, and marks the first time that the BBC and C5 have collaborated.

There will be three different houses - one containing every surviving actor who has played the Doctor, one with companions and the final house consisting of monsters.

Viewers will be able to watch a live feed from a house of their choosing via the BBC red button and a highlights show will be broadcast nightly on BBC One.

On the final night, each house will come together to celebrate 23rd November, although fans have warned that this could cause a rift in the space-time continuum.

A BBC insider said: "This will be the biggest TV event in history. Doctor Who is not only the best show on the planet, but has also been voted 'Greatest TV Show' on Mars. The Martians will be thrilled by this news.

"Fans across the Universe can watch Tom Baker and his scarf battle with Matt Smith and his iconic bow tie. It will be must-viewing and the perfect way to celebrate this milestone.

"Viewers can also expect to see companions including Janet Fielding battling with Karen Gillan, the Daleks will be using their plungers and the Cybermen flaunting their ray guns. It will be a racy affair."

It has also been confirmed that the housemates will enter the Big Brother compound in a TARDIS prop which will be launched from Space.

A NASA spokesman commented: "It's a pretty  risky operation, however the Doctor Who A-listers are totally up for the challenge and are ready to be thrown down to Earth."

There will be no special or multi-Doctor episodes, only a Doctor Who Big Brother in 2013.

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