Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Steven Moffat confirms Doctor Who 2013 plans, Weeping Angels return

A press conference to announce the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman was held in London this morning, with Steven Moffat and Coleman in attendance. Moffat confirmed that the Weeping Angels will be returning and revealed the scheduling plans for Doctor Who series seven.

The showrunner said that his popular creation the Weeping Angels will feature in episode five of the next series, which sees the departure of Amy and Rory.

"Yeah. Amy and Rory will leave in the fifth episode that goes out, and it will be a final encounter with the Weeping Angels, and not everybody gets out alive - and I mean it this time!"

Series seven will consist of fourteen episodes, with six being screened this year (including the Christmas Special). The remaining eight will be broadcast in 2013. More episodes will follow to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

"Oh, there'll be more episodes than just those eight, but these are the ones we're making right now."

Matt Smith hasn't yet made a decision about how long he will stay on Doctor Who, with Moffat saying that the actor takes it one year at a time.

"Honestly we don't know. We take it a year at a time and that's the only sensible way you can go with it. It takes a huge amount of time, filming a series of Doctor Who and towards the end of that, you have to consider whether you're going to push on to another one.

"So the honest answer is, we don't know. We'll keep him as long as we can, that's the absolute truth. And he hasn't made up his mind yet."

The full transcript from the press conference can be read on Digital Spy.


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