Thursday, March 22, 2012

Matt Smith and David Tennant comment on Jenna-Louise Coleman

Current Doctor Who actor Matt Smith and his predecessor, David Tennant, have both spoken about the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion.

Matt Smith told BBC Radio Wales that he is "excited" about his new co-star: "[It's] very exciting news. I was part of the audition process where we met a number of wonderful actresses. But I think Jenna responded to Steven's writing in the most interesting way. We're very excited to welcome her to the Doctor Who family."

David Tennant attended the premier of his new his new movie The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists where he told journalists: "She's going on a very exciting journey. I hope she has some good friends to hold her hand because it can be a bit scary when you get thrust into that level of attention, speaking from personal experience. But it's wonderful, and she's working on the greatest TV show ever made, so what can go wrong?"

Coleman said that she won't re-watch any previous Doctor Who stories: "I've seen a lot of them but I've decided not to re-watch anything. Then I can go in with a fresh mind. Sometimes subconsciously, you take on what somebody has done before."

She also revealed that Matt Smith has given her some advice: "I had some really good advice from Matt actually, which is to stay off the internet. So I'm going to follow that advice. No Googling - I'm on a Google ban!"

The actress will begin shooting in May and will make her d├ębut in the Doctor Who Chirstmas Special.


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