Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 260

The 260th issue of the weekly Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale until Wednesday, 21st March 2012.

We check out the arms and armour of some of the Doctor's most fearsome foes! Learn the secrets of the Daleks' special casing and how a Judoon can speak any language. We also see how Matt Smith did when he took on the Top Gear driving challenge, and he tells us what he thought about The Almost People. Hear Craig's side of his adventures with the Doctor and find out how the Fourth Doctor regenerated. All this plus comics and jokes and mayhem...

Yes, it's another jam-packed issue. Well, it's not actually packed with jam. That would be sticky. But there's a fab free Doctor kit, with a mask, keyring, badge and sonic screwdriver!

(Source: Doctor Who Adventures)


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