Monday, November 28, 2011

Doctor Who: The Fanzine from the makers of SFX

SFX have produced Doctor Who: The Fanzine which celebrates and pays tribute to the world's greatest TV programme which recently reached its 48th anniversary.

The magazine includes interviews with Matt Smith, Tom Baker and Arthur Darvill along with a rating for every episode.

So what’s in it? How about these treats for starters: 
• Battle of the Superfans: we pit the show’s self-proclaimed biggest fanatics against each other to discover who deserves the title of Ultimate Superfan! 
• New Matt Smith interview: the actor explains why playing the Doctor can be a solitary existence 
• Arthur Darvill Fannish Inquisition: you quiz Rory Williams on dying, gerbils and series seven 
• The Ten Greatest Doctor Who Moments You’ll (Probably) Never See: the most tantalising scenes from Who’s missing episodes, as imagined by the fabulous artists behind the Reign Of Terror DVD animation 
• Full series six episode guide: 14-episodes examined minute-by-minute! 
• A Hitch In Time: looking at Patrick Troughton’s other time travelling role 
• Tom Baker & Louise Jameson interviewed: we put your questions to the Fourth Doctor and Leela 
• The latest instalment in our rib-tickling cartoon strip Arthur “Dies Daily” Darvill Vs Murderous Moffat 
• “Chasing Christopher Eccleston”: our (unsuccessful) attempts to grab a word with the Ninth Doctor! 
Plus STACKS More! (No, really, including…) 
• Interview with Who DVD head Dan Hall
• What happened when we went trolling on forums
• The most amazing memorabilia collection of them all
• Christmas special preview
• Results of our “draw the Doctor’s bedroom” competition
• The secret diary of a Doctor Who addict
• Eleven brilliant Who writers – including Tom Macrae, Toby Whithouse, James Moran and Matthew Graham – choose their favourite Doctor
• Every monster ever in our huge colour illustration
• The history of guns in Doctor Who
• The Doctor in The Sarah Jane Adventures
• In-depth interview with top artist Chris Achilleos – complete with two brand new illustrations 
Terry Nation * Naughty spoofs * Target books * Radio Times covers * The “Inbetween” years * Toby Hadoke on tour * 20 things we learned from series six * Are you spoilerphobic? * Interviewing the audio makers * Geeky confessions * The Doctor Who Experience * Every Who episode EVER rated * The Who How * Back to Paradise Towers * 50th anniversary wishlist * What the general public think of Who * (And nothing at all about the Australian K-9 series!)

The magazine is on sale now.

(Source: SFX)


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