Monday, November 28, 2011

Doctor Who Costume T-Shirts - Patrick Troughton, Paul McGann

Titan Merchandise have produced two further exclusive T-shirt designs for Forbidden Planet. The highly-fashionable T-shirts are based on the second and eighth Doctors' costumes and are due for release next month.

Long before his 11th incarnation announced they were cool, the Second Doctor was already rocking a bowtie! 
While it wasn't the most particularly fashionable period in his life, The Doctor was still as distinctive as ever, with a Beatles style haircut (it was the 60s!) oversized trousers and occasionally a huge fur coat. 
Now you can share The 2nd Doctor's unique style with this great t-shirt. Recorder not included!

The 8th Doctor's look was certainly unique, unlike his predecessors slightly 'wacky' style, the 8th Doctor chose to wear a stolen Wild Bill Hickok costume which made him look like a Victorian gentleman. 
Completing the look with shoes belonging to Dr. Grace Holloway's ex-boyfriend, this version of The Doctor was the first in a long line to not be adorned with question marks! 
Now with this great t-shirt, you can share the Doctor's (stolen) sense of style!

The items will be on sale from 20th September 2011 and are now available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet at the price of £16.99 each.


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