Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steven Moffat on Doctor Who 2012

Steven Moffat has spoken to Total TV Guide regarding the next series of Doctor Who, which is not expected to be broadcast until Autumn 2012.

The executive producer has said that the scheduling plans for the seventh series are "still in flux" and added that it will be a "remarkable time" for the show.

"Our plans are still in flux. It’s not a secret that we’ll be moving to later in the year, but as to how many episodes there are going to be, I simply don’t know."
"I will absolutely guarantee that you’re not going to feel disappointed or short-changed. It will be a quite remarkable time for Doctor Who."

A Doctor Who Christmas special is currently in production, while filming on the new 13-part series starring Matt Smith will commence early next year.

(Source: CultBox)


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