Thursday, June 9, 2011

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War - Merchandise

Half Moon Bay have produced some Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War-themed merchandise.

Mug: Oh Look! I'm Angry Now
From The "A Good Man Goes To War" episode, try and calm the doctor down with this great mug featuring 11th Doctor Matt Smith, and the line "Oh Look! I'm Angry Now - That's New!"

Mug: Sontaran Nurse
From the "A Good Man Goes To War" episode, get well quickly with this iconic mug featuring a Sontaran with the line "Did someone call for a nurse".

Folder Bag: Sontaran Nurse
Perfect for work, school, or battling extraterrestrials this cotton folder bag features a great image of a Sontaran from the "A Good Man Goes to War" episode and the text "Did Somebody Call For A Nurse".

The items are due for release on 19th June 2011.


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