Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor Who averages 10.13 million in 2011

Steven Moffat, head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, has taken to his Twitter account to reveal that the programme has attracted an average audience of 10.13 million in 2011.

This figure not only takes Television viewers in to account but those who have accessed to show online via the BBC iPlayer.

In a press release, the BBC have published their Live +7 information which measures the total audience consuming content across all platforms, including live, recordings, narrative repeats, BBC iPlayer and HD for seven days after transmission. The system makes extensive use of BARB data and collates these ratings relating to a particular programme or episode alongside BBC iPlayer stats.

The corporation have cited Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who story "The Doctor Wife" in their May 2011 highlights. The episode had an overnight figure of 6.09 million, a final BARB rating of 7.97 million however the BBC's Live 7+ data shows that 9.9 million viewers have seen the episode.


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