Friday, April 1, 2011

X Factor judges to appear in Doctor Who - APRIL FOOLS!

The X Factor judging panel will be appearing in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, it has been revealed.

The panel - which consists of Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh - will be guest starring in the 2011 Christmas episode as Botox monsters.

A source told Doctor Who Time Vortex: "It is a huge coup to get the X Factor judges on board for the Dr Who Xmas episode. They are without doubt the most Botoxed-up and plastic-looking stars on British television. Cheryl Cole is the only judge not to have previously had Boxtox, but will do especially for the part. The panel are set to become Dr Who's scariest monsters yet."

The source continued: "Simon is thrilled to be appearing in the world's greatest TV programme. He and Cheryl are huge fans of the show and both have a subscription to Doctor Who Magazine."

However Russell T Davies is said to be furious that Steven Moffat is writing Botox monsters, as he claims to have come up with the idea.

"Davies is furious. He is not accepting Moffat's calls and has vowed never to watch Doctor Who again. He is also considering legal action."

A spokesperson for Davies and Moffat declined to comment.

The details of the episode are being kept under wraps, however a short plot synopsis has been released: The story sees the Doctor land on the planet X Factor where the whole population are controlled by the mysterious "Syco" and are forced to sing cheesy pop songs. Only when he begins to investigate does the Time Lord discover the true horror behind "Syco"...


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