Thursday, March 31, 2011

BBC Magazines to launch Doctor Who Monster Partwork

BBC Magazines have announced that a Doctor Who partwork will be launched later this year.

The publication is titled "Doctor Who: Monster Invasion", and will be published fortnightly.

The partwork will consist of a magazine with collectable cards aimed at an 8-12 year old audience.

It was successfully tested in the West Country in 2010 and will be launched all over the UK in May 2011.

The first edition of Doctor Who: Monster Invasion will have a promotional price of £1.50 (normal retail price is £2.60) and will contain: a magazine featuring an episode guide; an A-Z of monsters; an alien slamdown fold-out poster; two packs of cards; and the first section of a three-part giant poster. Parts two and three each come with one pack of cards; the first and second part of a collectable TARDIS storage box; and the remaining sections of the giant poster.

The collectable cards will also be on sale in packs at the price of £1.50.

BBC Magazines' Head of Partworks, Ceri Murray, said: "There is a huge appetite among the pre-teen audience for the Doctor Who brand, as demonstrated by the success of our weekly Doctor Who Adventures magazine. Building on the success of Top Gear Turbo Challenge – our first ever partwork – Doctor Who: Monster Invasion gives fans the chance to learn more about the monsters from their favourite show through 'collectables', which are hugely popular with this age group."

(Source: BBC Press Office)


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