Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doctor Who: David Walliams casting update

Earlier this month, David Walliams stated that he will be appearing in an episode of Doctor Who.

The BBC have now confirmed the casting, and have released some details regarding the episode.

Walliams commented: 'I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and am so looking forward to working with Matt Smith and running up and down some corridors with him.'

The actor, best known for his roles in Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, will be playing a character called Gibbis in a 'spooky' episode written by Toby Whithouse.

Whithouse has previously written the 2006 Doctor Who episode 'School Reunion' and last year's 'The Vampires of Venice'. He also contributed to the first series of Torchwood and has created the hit BBC Three series 'Being Human'.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in April.

(Source: BBC - Doctor Who)


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