Saturday, January 22, 2011

Russell T Davies on Steven Moffat's Doctor Who

While promoting Torchwood at the Television Critic’s Association recently, former Doctor Who head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies said that he is enjoying Steven Moffat's work on the programme.

“Of course I love it! Stephen Moffat’s most important role is to get me a DVD before that Saturday of transmission,” says Davies. “This new season it’s going to go out on BBC America on the same day, but I still want the DVD because it won’t have adverts!”

“I’m loving it, I am absolutely loving it,” Davies says. “This morning before I came to Pasadena I was sitting there reading the DOCTOR WHO Series Companion Part 2 and reading about the cut scenes from ‘The Hungry Earth’, and I thought, ‘What a fan am I?”’Can’t wait for the new series, can’t wait!”

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