Saturday, September 18, 2010

Matt Smith interviewed by The Guardian

The Guardian have published an interview with the Guinness World record-breaking Doctor Who actor Matt Smith.

Hi, Matt. Doctor Who is off on tour (1). Does his sonic screwdriver double as an electric toothbrush?
Of course. He just lasers over his teeth and he's good to go.

The tour is nationwide. Is it safe to leave the Tardis in town centre car parks or will it end up smelling of wee and full of cards for "exotic massages"?
No one can get in. You could drive the Welsh rugby team at it (2). It's been in far more precarious locations.

You need to pull out all the stops to take Doctor Who Live, so presumably it'll be a musical, on ice. How does a Dalek put on an ice-skate?
Doctor Who on ice! But would we want to hear a Dalek sing? The great thing is that the monsters from the whole history of Doctor Who will be within touching distance.

Daleks never used to be able to go upstairs. Now they can. Seems unfair.
They sort of went upstairs, just with a really bad edit. At least now they don't have to live in bungalows.

Your Doctor wears a bow tie and a tweed jacket. Weren't you tempted to go for something more casual – like a tracksuit?
A tracksuit would have looked rubbish. I wanted it to feel professorial.

Click HERE to read the full interview.


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