Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doctor Who Standees - Stone Dalek & Silurian

Forbidden Planet are now listing two new Doctor Who standees - in the form of the Stone Dalek and a Silurian. The 75" cardboard cutouts join the likes of the previously-released Iornside Dalek, Supreme Dalek, Amy Pond and the Doctor himself.

Stone Dalek, RRP £24.99.
As the cracks in time continued to run rampant across the universe, Dalek history was erased, leaving the stone Daleks as "after images" ....and now you can have your very own!

Silurian, RRP £24.99.
Oh no! Watch your step! It's a Silurian all ready to you hostage - well, or just have standing about in your bedroom!

The items are available to purchase online HERE and HERE at the price of £22.49.


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