Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doctor Who Wii and DS accessories

Accompanying will the release of the Doctor Who Wii/DS games next month are two accessories - a Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote and a DS Sonic Screwdriver stylus.

The device is an actual, fully-functioning, Wii Remote, rather than a slip-on cover, and has been developed to celebrate the launch of Doctor Who: Return To Earth, which is set to launch on the Wii sometime later this year.

As well as the Wiimote, Blue Ocean also has a Sonic Screwdriver stylus planned for DS users ahead of the launch of Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth, which will be exclusive to the handheld console. This stylus will come with either a Doctor Who themed zip-up case for the machine, or a slip cover.

The games are due to be launched by Asylum Entertainment and BBC Worldwide at the end of October.

(Source: Pocket-lint.com)


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