Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dorctor Who Action Figures - Fifth Doctor & The Master

Character Options have produced two new classic Doctor Who figures based on the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and the Master (Anthony Ainley), from the 1984 story 'Planet of Fire'.

The Fifth Doctor and Turlough are on the island of Lanzarote because the TARDIS has detected a mysterious signal being transmitted from an unknown, recently salvaged artefact.

They meet a young American botany student named Peri Brown, whose stepfather has been replaced with a shape changing robot as part of a plot by the Master. He plans to bring the TARDIS to the planet Sarn, so he can use that world's revitalising Numismaton gas to restore his body, accidentally shrunken in an accident.

The Master (Anthony Ainley) is apparently defeated when the stream of gas turns to a normal hot flame. The Doctor destroys the shape changing robot, Kamelion, at the robot's own bidding as it has become completely unstable. Turlough leaves to return home, while Peri leaves with the Doctor.

The figures are expected at Forbidden Planet's warehouse on 1 August 2010. Click HERE to pre-order at the price of £24.99.


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