Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary

BBC Books and DK have released the cover and details for the publication of the updated version of the Doctor Who Visual Dictionary, which is written by Neil Corry.

Product Description
Discover the secrets of the mysterious time traveller, in Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary A lavishly illustrated guide to all the characters, aliens, monsters, locations and technology of all 5 Doctor Who series plus, get the lowdown on the new Doctor, Matt Smith. Specially commissioned cross-section artworks expose the inner workings of the Dalek Emperor’s Flagship and the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. New photography reveals more in-depth details, from the fascinating aliens to the demise of the Time Lords and all-new characters including the formidable Donna Noble and the deadly Toclafane. Perfect for fans of the Doctor everywhere!

The book is due for release on 1st September 2010 at the RRP of £14.99. Click HERE to pre-order from Amazon.


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