Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doctor Who T-shirt - "Bow ties are cool" have unveiled a unofficial, exclusive Doctor Who t-shirt featuring the Doctor's bow tie and the famous words: "Bow ties are cool."

It seems that the eleventh Doctor Matt Smith has a like of bow ties - "Bow ties are cool" he mutters. This Dr Who t-shirt celebrates his love of the formal bow of choice with both front and back explanatory prints. This Dr Who t-shirt is exclusive to Mr Cloud.

With a front bow tie print and a rear print reading 'Bow ties are cool' you can choose as to whether you want to provide an explanation for why you are wearing a printed bow tie. Much like the Doctor himself.

This Dr Who t-shirt contains 100% original artwork and is not endorsed by any third party. It is not an official Dr Who t-shirt. Obviously.

The t-shirt is available to order now exclusively from at the price of £14.99.


The Doctor...

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