Thursday, October 22, 2009

SJA - Mad Woman in the Attic - Today!

The Sarah Jane Adventures continues today with Mad Woman in the Attic - Part 1 - 4.35pm, BBC One & BBC HD. This story concludes at the same time tomorrow. The synopsis for the story can be read below;

Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside. What she finds there, however, is far more alarming than that and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about... Far in the future, in 2059, an old Rani remembers the day when her whole life went wrong. As her younger self investigates mysterious disappearances at an abandoned funfair, she sets into motion a chain of events which unleash the terrible powers of the alien Eve.

Trailer here & review of the episode here.


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