Thursday, October 22, 2009

Doctor Who Filming At St. Gwynno's Church

Doctor Who filming on Series five took place again last night, at St. Gwynno's Church in South Wales. As predicted by set reporters, it was a night shoot with the new TARDIS on location along with Matt Smith and a number of other previously unconfirmed guest actors. Set reporter simon_watkins reported the following via Twitter;

Very wet and cold at Llanwynno. Just saw a scene with a young lad running uphill at the graveyard. Took an age to shoot. The kid is wearing a sort of flashing LED beacon thing, while running up the spooky graveyard. Actor's name is Sam something. We've seen the monster. It's a blue faced reptile thing, in a sort of samauri outfit. Possibly his mother, or sister(?) is called Ambrose & I think she's played by Samantha something, not 100% certain. OK, this is strange, the kid, Elliot has a broad Welsh valleys accent. Set in Wales then ? Dialogue: Ambrose: "Why is it night?" Doctor : "It's not. Get in the Church!" Ambrose: "The door's all warped" ... UG: "Use the sonic" The Doctor : "It doesn't work with wood" Unknown guy : "Well that's rubbish" Doctor : "Don't dis the sonic!" Correction: Samantha something is playing the alien *not* Ambrose. They've wrapped for the evening. Others have identified one of the guest stars as Robert Pugh. The kid actor (Sam Davies) plays a character called Elliot. Another guest star identified as Meera Syal.

Thanks to simon_watkins for sharing this info! He also two pictures which can be seen here. Ahremsee has also taken some pics (thanks for the one above!) of the crew setting up yesterday which can be seen here. Thanks again for sharing!


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