Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 451 (Covers 2 and 3)

As previously reported, to celebrate the return of Doctor Who, the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine will have three different covers.

Cover 1 was posted last week, with the two alternative covers unveiled today by the magazine's official Twitter account.

The movie poster-style covers feature Dinosaurs and a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy.

DWM offers a glimpse at the first three stories of Series 7 in the exclusive episode previews.

The Mind of Evil is looked at in the Fact of Fiction while the Time Team watch Fear Her. A new comic strip, The Broken Man, begins this month and Season 20 is the focus of Countdown to 50.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 451 will be published on tomorrow (Thursday 30th August) at the price of £4.50.

(Source: Tom Spilsbury, Doctor Who Magazine)


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