Monday, May 28, 2012

Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 448

Tom Spilsbury has tweeted the cover for the next edition of Doctor Who Magazine which features the William Russell.

Issue 448 has an exclusive interview with the Ian Chesterton actor who features in a free audio download which accompanies the magazine.

"William Hartnell never forgave me for leaving. He couldn't understand it..." - William Russell.

Acclaimed writer Neil Gaiman also talks to the publication about his work and scripting the 2011 Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife.

"I go from 'Wahoo! I'm the best writer in the universe!' to 'I can't write. I'm awful.'" - Neil Gaiman.

The winners of The DWM Awards are unveiled.

Plus, all the regular features including news, reviews, countdown to the 50th anniversary and the Time Team.

Doctor Who Magazine 448 will be published on Thursday 31st May 2012 at the regular price of £4.50.


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