Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Katy Manning: Jon Pertwee would be proud of Matt Smith

The Radio Times have published an exclusive interview with Katy Manning who discusses her time on Doctor Who, and working with Matt Smith and Elisabeth Sladen.

She’s glued to modern Doctor Who. “Ever since Christopher Eccleston came out of that goddamn box I’ve loved it. All the new Doctors are brilliant but I’ve only worked with Matt Smith.” In 2010 she guest-starred opposite him in The Sarah Jane Adventures. “Russell [T Davies] sent me the script and I thought he absolutely nailed it. Jo was still saving this planet in her own inimitable way.
“Matt’s a joy to work with. It’s an education to watch his beautifully realised physicality as the Doctor. I said to him, ‘Jon Pertwee would be very proud of what you’re doing with this character.’ And it was the first time I’d actually worked with Lis, although we’d already become close friends. We had a lot of past with Jon that bonded us. When I was a newbie at conventions, she really helped me through. After she died, I said in an interview she was the quintessential Doctor Who girl. And I really meant it.”
Katy’s hair went platinum for The Sarah Jane Adventures, “but it doesn’t suit me. I’ve gone back to blonde. I’d love to get my eyes done but a part of me says, you know what, it’s too late. But I did have all my teeth veneered.”

The full interview is available on the Radio Times website, where the actress shares stories about Jon Pertwee and talks about that famous Dalek photo.


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