Thursday, April 12, 2012

Karen Gillan joins Twitter

Karen Gillan has joined the social networking website Twitter, under the username of @KarenGillan2.

The actress gained over 10,000 followers within one hour of her first tweet, and immediately became a trending topic in the UK.

Her first tweet: "Hello twitter...nice to meet you."

Steven Moffat confirmed the authenticity of the account: "Stand by, the web - it's really her. @KarenGillan2"

Gillan is currently following Moffat and her Doctor Who co-star Arthur Darvill.

According to a tweet by Doctor Who Magazine, journalist Benjamin Cook is attempting to recruit Matt Smith to the website: "DWM's very own @benjamin_cook is working on getting Matt Smith on Twitter too. What do you reckon his chances are...?"


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