Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paul McGann would return to Doctor Who

Former Doctor Who actor Paul McGann has revealed that he would return to the programme for next year's fiftieth anniversary.

"I'm still in the Doctor Who loop, believe me! I was over in California a few weeks ago, talking to fans. Although I was [in] Doctor Who for six weeks, sixteen years ago, it never goes away - it only ever seems to get stronger.

"I'd love to do that again, but that's not up to me, is it? Being Doctor Who, there's always anniversaries looming large - celebration programmes and episodes. So I'm often asked, 'If they get the five Doctors together, would you do it?' and of course, I'd do it. They've just got to ring me up!"

McGann made a one-off appearance as the Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. He has returned to the role on numerous occasions for the Big Finish audio plays.

(Source: Digital Spy)


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