Friday, October 14, 2011

Doctor Who Action Figure Set - Enemies of the Third Doctor

Character Options have produced the 'Enemies of the 3rd Doctor' Doctor Who action figure set which is available exclusively for Forbidden Planet. The set consists of Omega, an Auton and the Drashig.

From the adventures of the Third Doctor, the Drashig figure stands approximately 220mm high and doubles as a hand puppet for little hands, children can animate the mouth in classic FX fashion! This set also includes the imposing Omega figure which features a removable head and fabric robes, lastly the classic Auton figure has a swappable gun hand and Nestene Sphere accessory.
Contents: Drashig figure, Omega action figure (with Detachable head), Auton action figure with Nestene, Sphere accessory and swappable gun hand.
Omega stands a mighty 6.7" tall!

The set is due for release on 14th December 2011 at the price of £44.99.

(Source: Forbidden Planet)


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