Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctor Who: The God Complex - Official Ratings

BARB have published the consolidated viewing figures for Doctor Who: The God Complex.

Episode ten of this year's series was seen by 6.77 million viewers on BBC One/HD, making it channel's fifth most-watched broadcast of the week, behind four episodes of EastEnders.

The rating is considerably higher than the initial overnight figure of 5.2 million.

Doctor Who won the timeslot with a 28.8% share of the audience, trouncing ITV1's All Star Family Fortunes which was seen by 5.39 million.

Unlike the 'overnight' data, the official figures measure the exact timeslot and take into account viewers who record the episode and watch it within seven days of transmission.

The official figures do not, however, include the 800,000 viewers who watched the story online via the BBC iPlayer.

The God Complex achieved an "excellent" Appreciation Index of 86.

In Australia, episode 10 was the eighth most-watched programme of the day with 591,000 viewers in the five capital cities. However this is only an overnight figure, which does not take regional, rural and time-shifted viewers into account.

(Source: Doctor Who News)


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