Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phil Daniels cast in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

Actor Phil Daniels has been cast in the next episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, the BBC have revealed.

Daniels, known for his work on EastEnders, Quadrophenia, Misfits and Rock & Chips, has recorded lines for the interactive Doctor Who episode alongside Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthr Darvill.

As he came out of the recording session, Phil told us, 'It was great to do! You get to go through the gunpowder plot in various ways...' He pauses, not wanting to reveal too much. 'It's really interesting... It'll be fantastic!'

The game, titled The Gunpowder Plot, sees The Doctor, Amy Pond along with Rory Williams battle aliens in London in 1605.

The story, written by Phil Ford and produced by Gary Russell, features Guy Fawkes and the return of two old Doctor Who enemies.

It is executive produced by Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis, Anwen Aspden and Charles Cecil.

The Gunpowder Plot will be available to download from the official Doctor Who website from October.

(Source: BBC - Doctor Who)


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