Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography to be published

The autobiography of Elisabeth Sladen will be published later this year, Aurum press have confirmed.

The much-loved actress, who sadly passed away in April, had completed the book in draft form but illness prevented Elisabeth from finishing it.

Now, with the support of her family, Aurum Press will release Elisabeth’s memoir in November.

The book gives an account of the actor's extensive life and career, from her humble beginnings in Liverpool to working on Doctor Who in TV's golden age.

Elisabeth’s editor at Aurum, Sam Harrison said: “I remember my first meeting with Elisabeth – the hilarious and eye-opening stories she had to tell and my feeling of elation that she wanted to turn them into a book. Having grown up watching her as Sarah Jane Smith it was a personal dream come true. She was a fantastic person to work with – fun but utterly professional – and it’s incredibly sad that she’s no longer with us. I’m glad she had a chance to share some of her memories in this book. I hope it will make a fitting tribute to a great actress and a wonderful woman.’

The book will be published on Monday 7th November 2011.

(Source: SFX)


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