Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Russell T Davies show in development

A pilot episode for a show written by Russell T Davies is currently in development, the Radio Times has announced.

The programme, co-produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and US cable network Showtime, is entitled 'Cucumber' and is expected to follow a group gay men, as did the Russell T Davies-scripted Queer as Folk.

A spokesperson for BBC Worldwide Productions confirmed that the show is currently in development in Los Angeles, but didn't disclose any further information.

When he was on BBC Radio 4's Front Row last month, Davies said that he has written a script for a new drama and believes it's best thing he's "written in a decade".

The scriptwriter moved to L.A in 2009 following his departure from Doctor Who to work with BBC Worldwide. He has produced the new series of Torchwood which will return to BBC One next week.

(Source: Radio Times)


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