Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 437

The cover for the 437th issue of Doctor Who Magazine has been posted on Twitter.

This month's edition takes a look back at A Good Man Goes To War, including cast interviews and a look behind-the-scenes of the mid-series finale.

There is exclusive coverage of Torchwood: Miracle Day along with star interviews and all new photos from the latest series of the Doctor Who spin-off.

The magazine pays tribute to the late Roy Skelton, who was the voice of the Daleks in the classic series of Doctor Who.

There is also the opportunity to win a copy of Doctor Who: The Sun Makers on DVD.

The world's number one top-selling monthly sci-fi magazine also has features on Father's Day and The Smugglers.

Issue 437 will be published next Thursday (28th July) at the regular price of £4.50.


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