Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doctor Who: Colony in Space - DVD

The 1971 six-part Doctor Who story Colony in Space, starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant, will be released on DVD later this year.

DVD Description
The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen their secret file on the Doomsday Weapon and decide to send the Doctor to retrieve it for them. The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Jo to the desolate planet Uxarieus in the year 2472. There they become involved in a dispute between some beleaguered colonists and the crew of an Interplanetary Mining Corporation (IMC) spaceship over the ownership rights to the planet. The Doctor learns that the indigenous Primitives and their High Priests worship a large machine tended by a creature called the Guardian.
Special Features
• Commentaries with cast and crew
• Documentaries
• Photo Gallery
• Coming Soon Trailer
• PDF Material and Production Information Subtitles
• Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

The two-disc DVD set will be released on 3rd October 2011 at the RRP of £19.99.

(Source: Amazon)


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