Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor's replica jacket

The BBC have produced an officialy licenced replica of The Doctor's iconic tweed jacket as worn by Matt Smith in Doctor Who.

From his very first appearance, the Eleventh Doctor created an unlikely fashion sensation. Matt Smith is the youngest actor to date to take on this role, yet the fashion sense of his Eleventh Doctor speaks to a timeless age and wisdom… true to the timeless appeal of Doctor Who!

His character caused a resurgence in popularity in bowties and, of course, wool blazers! The replica blazer, as seen in Doctor Who Series 6, is officially licensed by the BBC and made to a high-quality standard.

The Eleventh Doctor's jacket features a plaid-pattern wool fabric that's unique to Doctor Who Series 6, functional inside and outside pockets, back kick pleat, and 100% leather elbow patches.

The item is expected for release on 23rd October at the ridiculously high price of £359.99.

(Source: Forbidden Planet)


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