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Toby Whithouse discusses "The God Complex"

Scriptwriter Toby Whithouse has spoken to Digital Spy regarding his new Doctor Who episode, which features David Walliams and is currently titled 'The God Compex'.

Whithouse has previously written 2006's 'School Reunion' and 2010's 'The Vampires of Venice' and is the creator of the hit BBC Three series 'Being Human'.

What can you tell us about your episode of Doctor Who?
"Bizarrely I think my episode is probably the most reported one! It's set in a spooky hotel. The rooms are full of people's nightmares. David Walliams is in it, wearing prosthetics, and playing an alien called Gibbis. There's lots of running down corridors! It's hopefully a very creepy episode. I got an e-mail from Steven Moffat the other day saying that he's absolutely thrilled with it. I haven't seen the finished cut myself yet, but I've seen lots of the rushes and it looks absolutely fantastic. I think weirdly mine is less shrouded in secrecy than a lot of the others. I seem to be reading a lot about my episode on the various websites!"

What hints can you give about the title 'The God Complex'?
"It's ever so clever! That's all I can say!"

Do you feel like each of your Doctor Who episodes has improved on the last?
"Yeah, I think so. I think that Doctor Who is an unbelievably difficult show to write, but the rewards of it are immense. It is a really tricky show to write because it demands such incredible momentum and pace, and tonally it's obviously very different to something like Being Human. But that said, I think that the reason this latest episode is the one I'm most pleased with is because tonally it's much darker than 'School Reunion' or 'Vampires of Venice'. That's a tone I'm much more comfortable writing in."

"The God Complex" will form episode eleven of the new series, and will be broadcast on BBC One in the Autumn.

(Source: Digital Spy)


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