Tuesday, March 29, 2011

60 second Doctor Who trailer to air on BBC One tomorrow

Last week the BBC revealed a short new teaser trail to promote the new series of Doctor Who, now the corporation will air a new 60 second trailer on BBC One tomorrow, Wednesday 30th Match.

No exact time has been confirmed, but The Doctor Who News Page expects it to air during primetime in the evening.

In a statement, BBC Publicity said that an amended version will also be broadcast on CBBC for the benefit of younger viewers: "The trailer is a 60" and we usually play them on CBBC as well (for obvious reasons). We think this will be the first that will need to be edited down to a 20" to make it suitable and remove the scary bits (remember that we have six year olds and younger watch CBBC as well as twelve year olds). The 20" is just for CBBC. The 60" also has a 40" cut-down version that will be rotated in."

Update: The trailer was originally planned to go out tonight, but has been pushed back until tomorrow.

Doctor Who will return at Easter.

(Source: The Doctor Who News Page)


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