Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doctor Who Action Figure - Stone Dalek

It was originally released as part of the "Underhenge" Doctor Who action figure set, but now the stone Dalek from "The Big Bang" will be released individually next month.

The Daleks were one of the races that created the legends of the Pandorica and lured the Doctor to it, trapping him inside!

When the universe was destroyed, the Daleks were erased from history, although the Daleks at Stonehenge where the Pandorica was situated were reduced to stone and dust, echoes of what might have been, caught in the eye of the time storm. When the Pandorica was moved to a museum in 2010, two stone Daleks were placed there with it and were temporarily reactivated by the restorative energies from the Pandorica when it opened.

Add this detailed 6" scale Dalek action figure to your collection of Supreme Beings!

Stock is expected at Forbidden Planet's warehouse on 2nd February at the price of £10.99.


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