Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Torchwood Magazine - Issue 25

Titian Magazines have uploaded the cover and details for the 25th and final issue of Torchwood Magazine, which has two covers to choose from.

Issue highlights:
* Captain Jack's back - we interview John Barrowman for the first time since Children of Earth
* Three brand new short stories, including a Toshiko adventure by Children of Earth writer James Moran
* Time travel comic strip 'Overture' from the dream team of Gary Russell and John Ridgway
* Top 25 Torchwood moments - you voted for them, now here are the results!
* Torchwood Complete Comics Guide: we survey every strip, from the Legacy Of Torchwood One, right up until this issue

Editor Simon Hugo announced in issue 24 that the magazine would be ending, however also hinted at a possible return sometime in 2011 along with the fourth series "The New World".

Issue 25 is on sale now.

(Source: Titan Magazines)


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