Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steven Moffat on writing Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

Steven Moffat has spoken to the Radio Times about writing this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special "A Christmas Carol".

The writer was stranded in a Los Angeles hotel room when he began writing the episode back in April, due to the chaos caused by the volcanic ash cloud.

Moffat reveals how he managed to get into the festive spirit, to produce a script for "A Christmas Carol"...

"Two days of writing nothing, and I took emergency measures.

"I downloaded every Christmas song I could find, closed all the curtains, and turned up the air conditioning to 'Doctor Zhivago', and sat at my desk in a big coat and mittens. And I thought of the rules of Christmas movies."

The full interview can be read in the Radio Times Christmas double issue, which is on sale now.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol - Christmas Day, 6.00pm on BBC One.

(Source: The Press Association)


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