Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Royal Mint Doctor Who Medal - Amy Pond

The Royal Mint have unveiled a new addition to the Doctor Who medal range. The silver coin is dedicated to The Doctor's latest companion, Amy Pond.

One night, seven year-old Amelia Pond found a strange raggedy looking man, who called himself the Doctor, in her back garden who claimed he had a time machine, and promised he’d be back in a few minutes to sort out the bizarre crack in her bedroom wall, through which she could hear voices. But he never did. Indeed, Amelia didn’t see him for another twelve years, by which time she was living alone in her house, and was now calling herself Amy. So when the Doctor returned to sort out the crack in her wall for good, Amy tagged along, determined to have the adventure he had promised her all those years ago.

To celebrate the Doctor Who series and its characters, the Royal Mint in conjunction with BBC Worldwide, has struck this fantastic collectable medal. Ideal for all Doctor Who fans and children the medal features Amy Pond on one side and the TARDIS design on the other.

The medal is available to order from the Royal Mint's website at the price of £5.99.


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