Friday, December 24, 2010

Download Doctor Who: Snowfall

"Snowfall" is an exclusive short story by Gavin Collinson from the official Doctor Who website which was published in four parts in the Adventure Calendar.

The full story, which features The Doctor, Amy and Rory is now available to download as a PDF.

From a family visit to a spooky theatre that goes terribly wrong to the Doctor battling an army of Vampire Warriors high over London, Snowfall is a saga stretching across the centuries and the universe. When two men meet in a mysterious, abandoned railway station, it soon becomes clear they hold a grudge against each other. But they have something else in common - they have both met the Doctor. As they swap stories about their adventures with the Time Lord they're watched by a girl with red hair and her friend... But where is the Doctor and what danger is he facing?

Doctor Who: Snowfall continues our tradition of festive short stories featuring the Doctor at Christmas. But this time the tales are linked and build to an unexpected Christmas conclusion!

Click HERE to download Doctor Who: Snowfall.


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