Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Piers Wenger on Doctor Who 2011

Piers Wenger, who works as an Executive Producer on Doctor Who, has given an exclusive interview to in which he discusses next month's Christmas Special and the opening two-parter of the next series, which will be partly filmed and set in the Utah desert.

What can you tell me about the upcoming season?
Wenger: Well, I can say with great anticipation and excitement the new season starts off in two parts which is set in America. The team left the UK on Saturday and is traveling out to Utah, to Mojave, where they’re filming some scenes. There are scenes set in New York and San Francisco. It is Doctor Who’s love letter to the States. Last year started with the TARDIS crash-landing on Big Ben in London and that was an opportunity for British audiences to be reminded of Doctor Who’s British heritage. But this year, it’s all about America, it’s all about taking the show out to the States and seeing what Doctor Who will feel like set in America and in some very iconographic parts of the American landscape.

Will he meet the President?
Wenger: He will meet a president! (Laughs)

The Christmas special is called A Christmas Carol. Is it based on the Dickens story?
Wenger: It kind of riffs on the Dickens story. There’s no one called Scrooge in it and it’s not set on Earth, but there are familiar archetypes from that story within it that will please fans of Dickens’s original.

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