Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 428 - Cover & Details

The cover and details for Doctor Who Magazine issue 428, which is due to be published on Thursday 18th November at the regular price of £4.20.


Honeymoon Heartache?
What next for Amy and Rory?

Soap stars in Space!
David Mitchell! Kiston! Rickston Slade! Lance Bennett! Eleanor of Wessex! Mary Ashe! Miss Foster! Doctor Ramsden! Yvonne Hartman! Astrid Peth! Er, Peggy Mitchell!

The Greatest Soap Ever?
No, it's not Coronation Street, and it's not EastEnders, either! DWM reveals the reasons why the greatest soap opera ever made is - in fact! - Doctor Who!

Who's on the Square?
BBC One's most successful series ever join forces! Doctor Who meets EastEnders! It can only be a winner! Find out the inside scoop about Dimensions in Time!

Also next issue...
More news about the upcoming series of Doctor Who, plus Production Notes, competitions, previews, reviews and all the usual bobbins!

Plus! Winners revealed!
You voted in your thousands, and now at last we can reveal who YOUR winners for the 2010 DWM Season Survey! Who will walk off with the awards? And who will snog who at the after-show party?

A free massive double-sided poster!

(Sources: Doctor Who Magazine, Facebook)


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